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What is the extent of communication with family during deployments?

You are always going to have a satellite phone on you and can call back. It just depends on what kind of stuff you are doing, there are a few times when you have to work all night or fly. In those cases maybe you won't be able to call…but 90 percent of the time you will be able to call them. On some deployments you might even be able to get a sim card for your cell phone or internet in your room, it also depends on where you’re deployed.

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For someone who wishes to be in a combat role under the special operations command, is the CRO pipeline unrealistic?

If you go the CRO route expect to deploy 2-3 times with a team, then deploy as a commander and stay in the JOC to control and advocate. You will definitely get lots of leadership experience but their main role is not to be in the shit. It happens, but not often. Honestly, In my experience, officers in general don't see the front lines of battle. If you want to see combat, go for the rangers… they see lots. If you want to save lives and occasionally see combat, be a PJ.

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