BE A PJ™is here to provide you with the most targeted, effective, and efficient workout programs on the market to get you to and through PJ Indoc. LEARN FROM THE EXPERT, BRIAN SILVA.



I authored the most current Pararescue Indoctrination lesson plans and was the lead instructor for 3 years. During my time at Indoc, I instructed on every event I possibly could because I have a passion for making people better and stronger. I know exactly what you are going to experience at Indoc, exactly how your performance will be evaluated... and most importantly how to train effectively and efficiently. 

It is my goal to prepare your body and mind for the rigors ahead, but it's up to you to do the work.  With my Pararescue training programs, you will be the person who is consistently performing above the standards. CCT/TACP/SOWT candidates also successfully use my programs to prepare for selections. 

Trust me, you wont find workouts like mine anywhere.  



Find out more info on my most popular program, and how it can help you pass your first hurdle in the process of becoming a Battlefield Airman

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Ready to take the next step? If you can already pass the PAST, check out my most comprehensive program designed to get you beyond Grad Standards.

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The last step is my exclusive in-person training event, led by 4 former Indoc Instructors.  Find out more about how this program is designed to help you stand out as a Leader at Indoc. 

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A. - "TSgt Silva is a very strong rucker, good grip checker"

A. - "Very tough on team, has no emotions (somehow makes it worse)"

P. - "Catches every mistake and notices everything. Tough but fair"

J. - "Extremely good at rucking + buddy breathing-holds us to that standard"

D. - "Most strict and severe when enforcing policies"

H. - "Fair frequent punishments. Makes you perform the hardest"

B. - "Has high expectations for the team and pushes us to our limits"

P. - "Holds the team to a very high standard"

M. - "TSgt Silva takes pride in his work, he is the definition of tough in my eyes; grit no time for softness"

R. - "Strictest with exercises and most fit, so hard to keep up with"

S. - "Taught me to take hits like a man and press on"

K. - "Be hard on your team and set the standard high, you must earn respect only then can you relax a little"

B. - "Has high expectations for the team and pushes us to our limits"

P. - "Holds the team to a very high standard"

H. - "He's Ruthless"

D. - "Pushes us to the limit"