“The program was clear and concise and the app was extremely helpful. The Facebook group allowed me to check my form and progress against the people who posted. The nutrition guide was also a great help to me. The PAST program was exactly what I needed. It was a kick in the ass at first but knowing that everything I was doing would benefit me in some way really helped me justify the “suck”. Knowing that the workout came from someone credible, experienced and up-to-date in the Pararescue career field really allowed me to trust the process. Way better than me throwing a workout together from different things I’ve seen. Without your program I wouldn’t have been even close to prepared for the PAST. I didn’t really notice it but my girlfriend even said she noticed a boost in my confidence toward the end of the program. I am in the best shape of my life (so far). I would without a doubt recommend your program to anyone who is looking into Pararescue/CRO.”

Brian SComment