In order to be successful with my training programs, please adhere as closely as possible to this equipment list. Each item is needed and has a specific or multiple purposes. Not everything must be purchased brand new. If you’re on a budget, get creative! Scroll further down below this list to see my product recommendations (some of which are the actual brands used at selection).

  • WEIGHT VEST (20LBS) - This is a major key to our functional workouts.

  • 50LBS SAND BAG - On a budget, salt or duffel bags can work.

  • CARGO PANTS - Amazon has ABU cargo pants, or you can use some you already have to simulate training at Indoc, or check out a surplus store.

  • LONGSLEEVE TOP - This item is for land and water workouts. Make sure you follow the rules of your local pool and use a rash guard top if regular shirts are not allowed.

  • FINS (SOFT OR HARD) - These should be long fins. You do not need to buy the $150+ Scubapro Jet fins used at Indoc. The IST fins below are half the price and create the same effect. For those new to finning or on a tight budget, start out with the Mares fins.

  • SNORKEL - The snorkel I have listed below is the same one used at Indoc.

  • MASK - This item must cover eyes and nose. High volume is recommended since this is what is used at Indoc, see examples below. The Aqua lung mask is the same one used at Indoc.

  • RUCK BOOTS - You can use your own boots at Indoc as long as they are within regs. For now, boots need to be the taller ones and sage green, however when OCPs are implemented at Indoc, you will need tan boots.

  • RUCKSACK WITH FRAME- You will need a framed rucksack, that can carry 35-70lbs. You can buy new ones from Amazon and other Internet stores, or buy a used one at a surplus store. Make sure you inspect your ruck frame the way I describe here.

  • TOWEL - Needed to dry off at the pool.

  • WATCH WITH A TIMER - You will not be allowed to wear a watch during evaluations, however it will be important during your training prep.

  • WATER BOTTLE - Hydration is the key to life, seriously this is the most important item on the entire list. Please ensure you get some electrolytes too.

  • FOAM ROLLER - YES, you need this! Price and brand doesn't matter as long as you do it.

  • LACROSSE BALL - Yes, you need this too for post workout routine.



product recommendations 

Below are a few links for some equipment examples/recommendations. You do not have to buy these specific items, they are merely suggestions. for some of the items I have also included some low cost and more expensive options (if used at selection).

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