As of january 2019 these faqs are now outdated since indoc is gone. for the latest faqs on assessment & selection, click here to access the all new knowledge archive!





How many opportunities do I get at indoc/pipeline?

As many as your career and the Commandant of the schoolhouse will allow. If you quit during the course and are reclassified you will most likely be allowed to come back at a later date as long as the Commandant at the time recommends you. He will base that off of your performance and instructor/peer evaluations. 

If you Fail a certain event such as buddy breathing during a Progress check, which is held once a week, and fail the same event the next week you will most likely be washed back or eliminated from the course based on your performance. 

What is the pass rate at Indoc?

It varies from 10% to 34% 

Are supplements allowed at indoc?

The only supplement you are allowed to take while at the course is 100% whey protein. There is a Nutritionist assigned to the course which will help you optimize your nutrition for performance throughout your assignment to the schoolhouse. 

Can 30+ year olds pass indoc?

Absolutely, as long as you are trained up to grad standards prior to your arrival and focus on your recovery throughout the course you will be able to pass. In fact, the older candidates are the least likely to quit. 

Difference between CRO and PJ PAST?

Not while you are at the course. However CRO's will attend a Phase II Selection up to a year prior to their arrival to Lackland. At this Phase II you will be expected to run 3 mi on the past vs 1.5 mi. 

Can you take the PAST more than once?

99% of candidates can only take the PAST after BA Prep once. The 1% are washed back to the next PAST because they show the right character for the job. 

What is BA Prep? (Special Warefare Prep)

This course name has now changed to SW Prep or Special Warefare Prep.  Battlefield Airman Prep is a 8 week course designed to help you succeed at whatever BA course you are signed up for. All students will train together to include TACP, CCT, SOWT, and PJ. The unit has recruited coaches from all over the country to help you succeed. I would not count on this program to get you up to standards though. 

What is Dev course?

This development course is no longer implemented at Indoc.

What is the pass rate for the PJ pipeline after Indoc?

The pass rate after Indoc is 99% unless you dont study in Paramedic school, or get a DUI you will graduate and get your beret. 






What is a PJ?  What do they do?

See my in depth response here.

Is Indoc going away?

Yes, but it will be replaced with another course.  The course is not yet solidified, as I get more details I will release more information.  If you would like more information, watch my interview with the Indoc Commandant about the new changes here.

What happens if I wash out of indoc?

Washout means you are no longer in the course, to warrant this you need to fail two consecutive progress checks, quit, or be medically eliminated. For all of these options you will have an interview with the Commandant of the schoolhouse. Depending on how your performance was viewed by the staff/commandant you may receive a washback if you simply failed the progess checks but have the right attitude. If you SIE of med elim you will most likely be reclassed and in rare cases be able to cross over to another Battlefield Airman career field.

Are there breaks between courses?

No. After Basic Training you can expect to go straight into the Battlefield Airman Prep Program which is 8 weeks long, then you go into the Development course which is 2 weeks long. Lastly you will go to the PJ/CRO Indoctrination Course which is 9 weeks. After, you will enter the pipeline and schools are variable. 

What happens if I'm already a licensed Paramedic?

If you have a current NREMT-P or Paramedic you will not have to go through the Paramedic course in the pipeline. 

Can I crosstrain to PJ after corrective eye surgery?

Yes as long as your vision is correctable to 20/20

Is there swim/workout time at BMT?

Yes you will will have one day a week in which you will be able to practice in the pool.

What do you think about Female operators?

I believe females have the capacity to make it through and graduate the course. The most difficult part will be the social aspect and integrating them into a place where they will have to prove themselves over and over again. Once the team trusts her I think there will be absolutely no problems. This is not a female only thing though, every new PJ has to earn the trust and respect of their teammates. 

What is Black Thursday?

At Indoc there is a certain schedule, Mondays are eval days, Tuesdays are the intro to a new standard, Wednesdays are lake days, Thursdays are going to suck, and Fridays are mock eval days.

What is the biggest challenge at indoc?

The biggest challenge aside from ETD and Black Thursdays is the grind of going in day in and day out to get your butt handed to you. For me it was simply waking up in the morning. 

Do you get paid at indoc?

Yes, you are IN the military at that point.  Whether its active duty or guard, you will be getting paid.