Pararescue Training Programs Overview

Hey, Cone!  This is the page where you can view all my workout programs and choose one based on your level of fitness.  Don't overthink it... you can either pass the PAST or you can't.


Step 1

open for enrollment

This Pass the PAST program is for aspiring PJ/CRO/CCT/TACP/SOWT candidates looking for targeted workouts designed to help you pass the first hurdle in the selection process.  You will learn exactly how to prepare for the PAST in an efficient way, so you can completely blow it out of the water and make a great impression on the cadre on day 1.  Learn more about how to Pass the PAST by clicking the button below.


step 2

open for enrollment

If you can pass the PAST and need to step up your workouts, my signature workout program is designed for you! This comprehensive and targeted program requires serious dedication, as it will challenge your fitness and commitment to training.  If you're ready to get beyond PJ Indoc Grad standards, this program is for you.  

step 3

CLOSED for enrollment

The Indoc Leader is an in-person event, ideal for those who can pass the PAST and are enrolled in, or have successfully completed The Indoc Grad program. This program is designed for candidates with ambition, that aim for excellence,  and want to achieve more than the minimum grad standards. Multiple former PJ Indoc instructors run this event, giving you unparalleled instruction, feedback, mentorship, coaching and tips that you will not find anywhere else.  This is a smoke session with a purpose... to make you a LEADER at Pararescue Indoctrination!