Ready to stop wasting your time and do a workout that directly translates to Assessment and Selection?

You're in luck, Cone. 

Using my experience as Lead Instructor (Instructor Supervisor) at Indoc, I wrote the MOST targeted workout program to get you through Assessment & Selection. I know what you will face, the level of fitness you should achieve to be successful, and how to acheive the old Indoc Grad Standards level of fitness efficiently, as well as achieve milestones specific to A&S.


“IF YOU'RE NOT AT THE OLD INDOC GRAD STANDARDS prior to leaving FOR A&S, Then you are just being lazy and reducing your chance of success.”


You want to be an Operator? One of the World’s Elite? Then you should know that being able to pass the PAST isn't good enough. The secret to being successful at A&S, isn't really a secret... it's preparation. Relying on SW Prep to prepare you isn’t going to cut it. You must make fitness your lifestyle. In case you haven’t heard, A&S is going to be MORE difficult than Indoc.

does any of this sound familiar?

During my days as the Lead Instructor at Indoc, it was disheartening to see candidates with the right mentality fail due to a lack of effective training. Students would tell me how they prepared, and I was surprised at what I would hear, things like:

  • High Intensity (weightlifting) workouts lasting 20 minutes

  • Books from people who know nothing about Pararescue Selection... or the Air Force for that matter

  • Fitness programs from former Operators who give out bad info and only have experience at Indoc when they went through selection... who knows how long ago 

  • Various "Military Operator" workouts on the Internet not targeted toward the specific course they were about to enter

  • Taking advice from candidates who haven't been through selection or from other anonymous people on various forums

You don't have to buy my workouts, but PLEASE VET YOUR INFORMATION SOURCES THOROUGHLY. Don't be the guy that got advice from some random person living in their mom's basement. PRO TIP: Always know who you're dealing with, their experience, and their reputation. ASK, ASK, ASK for information, especially if information isn't completely upfront and transparent.


Figuring out how to train for A&S shouldn't be complicated! 


For the reasons I stated above, is WHY I launched this business! Achieving the level of fitness necessary to get selected at A&S isn’t complicated, because there is FINALLY a workout program designed to get you there efficiently! Lean on my experience, and leverage my first hand knowledge as an Indoc Instructor to train EFFECTIVELY! 

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My name is Officer Trainee (TSgt) Brian Silva. I am a former Pararescue Team Leader and Head Instructor (Instructor Supervisor) at PJ Indoctrination from 2015 to the end of 2018. While stationed at JBSA Lackland, I was honored to be able to instill the PJ mentality in the students going through the Pararescue Indoctrination Course.

I am also the owner/operator of How To Be A PJ™. I designed this workout program to give you the absolute best training for Assessment and Selection, period.

Through my targeted coaching, I will utilize my 12+ years of experience as a PJ Team Leader to motivate and inspire you to be a freaking animal. I have deployed 8 times around the globe supporting operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and multiple countries in Africa and Europe. I know what it takes for you to succeed at selection and in combat.

I hold 2 AS degrees in Military and Instructional Sciences and Personnel recovery.I am currently still Active Duty, enrolled in a top 5 rated school, in my Senior semester, pursuing a Master of Physician Assistant Studies.


You must have a SOLID foundation of fitness before starting this program and be able to pass the PAST. You will be able to choose any Monday start date following your purchase.

This program is 20 weeks of 5-6 training days/wk of intense training. The premise of this program is training with the “why.” Every single exercise has a purpose and will directly translate to selection. Get Selected is made up of 5 phases of training:

  • Each phase has a specific focus; however, there will always be a mixture of exercises to ensure you maintain your gains. At the end of each phase, I have masterfully designed culmination events or crucible style events, to test your mental resilience as well as your fitness level.

  • This program will prepare you for all the new standards in Assessment and Selection including more rucking, cardio, new water con events/drills, and more challenging swims. Additionally you will still be able to surpass the Indoc Grad standards which is still held as the benchmark of fitness for anyone trying out for PJ/CRO/CCT/TACP

  • Included in each day of the program are warm-ups, foam rolling, and mentorship/insider selection tips for every single day of the program.

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This 20-week program is designed for prospective PJ/CRO/CCT/TACP candidates that already meet the PAST standards. I have personally designed this program to put you beyond the old Indoc grad standards to ensure your success. This program is not for the faint of heart, it requires extreme dedication, commitment, and honesty to be completed successfully. You will get out of this program what you put into it... so you must hold yourself accountable.


  • 20 weeks of Targeted workouts written by a former Lead Indoc Instructor

  • Workouts delivered through the Be A PJ app including videos for each exercise viewable on any phone or computer

  • Access to the training via the app for ONE year

  • Track progress/Take progress photos through the app

  • Access to the private How to be a PJ VIP Community

  • FREE eGuide Nutrition for the Pararescue Athlete

  • One FREE Video exercise form critique to ensure proper Selection form

  • A CUSTOM and meaningful gift from me, upon graduation from Selection



You will need access to a pull up bar, weights, a pool, and the equipment listed below. Examples of recommended equipment can be found on my recommended product list here (Note: Not all the products on the recommended product list are needed).







  • MASK









How is THIS PROGRAM different?

Think of me as your coach. This isn’t just a workout program... it's the most targeted for USAF SPECIAL WARFARE ASSESSMENT & SELECTION you will find. I structured the program and each individual workout, to be as efficient as possible while replicating the type of training you need to prepare for. This is not a PDF workout you print out and take to the gym, it's MUCH more. My premium app delivers your workout effortlessly by providing video instructions as well as the ability to track workouts and take notes in the app. Additionally, I offer my personal Selection tips, comments, and mentorship on each workout day through the app. You will be able to contact me via email and connect with the BE A PJ community of likeminded people through my Facebook VIP group.  


  • "I like how it is indoc/selection specific, and how each exercise will happen at indoc is explained. Overall, this one is FAR superior. Three thumbs up." -BB

  • "The only complaint I have about the program is that my clothes don't fit anymore. Almost a month in and the waists of my pants are too big and the shoulders of my shirts are too small! There should have been a warning about this." -CM

  • “The app/program is easy to follow and really informative which is perfect for me. The Black Thursday yesterday brought back some memories of you crushing us on the ruck marches.. definitely will tell everyone about this program.” -ML  

  • “Damn what a workout but that shit was so much fun!” -CT  

  • "Super potent. Great workouts." -KL

  • "Absolutely loving it. This exactly what I needed to approach selection with more confidence." -TS  

  • "Twas a ball buster and eye opener. A workout could look moderate on paper, but add a 25lb vest in the mix and it turns it up a notch! Loved it." -RW

I guarantee my program is unlike any other workout program you’ve done, and trust me... it’s NOT easy. This program is 5 months worth of commitment and requires real inner motivation. Burn the boats and start training to BE A PJ so you can save lives. This is your moment... SEIZE IT.

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