Do you REALLY need a workout program to get ready for Selection?

The average age range of a person who is joining to be a Pararescueman or a Combat Rescue Officer is around 22, however, there are people who make it through at 18 years old and at 39 years old. With age comes experience, many people were/are collegiate athletes or may have been a coach themselves. With the knowledge you may have from other sports you have played or coached, you probably have a basic foundation of physical fitness. You at least have enough knowledge to be able to know how to create a workout and realize that you need to eat well in order to gain strength. Honestly, that could be enough for you to make it through indoc. If you make it all the way up past grad standards you really don't NEED a workout program from anyone. Clearly, there have been lots of people who have been through Indoc without anyone to help them whatsoever, I'm one of them.

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The thing is... if I could have received some help from someone who could help guide me in the right direction why wouldn't I take advantage of that? And no, I'm not talking about some random guy you don't even know, who probably never made it to Indoc, giving out advice on some obscure forum you found. Consider whether you have the time to experiment with different workout programs to get to grad standards on your own... if you ship to Indoc without getting close to grad standards, you're setting yourself up for failure. Have you been working out for months, or even years and you're still not at grad standards?  Leverage my experience, and crush your goals through an efficient and targeted approach.  It's kinda like if you wanted to apply for a job with a million dollar salary, and someone who worked there, in charge of hiring people, was running a program to tell you how to get the job... would you pay the extra money? The only difference is that you will not get paid nearly that amount, but you will be paid in experiences you will never get anywhere else. 

I started this whole platform because being a PJ has changed my life and made me who I am today. I saw people who had the right attitude and are receptive to advice from instructors do everything right, they just didn't have enough time while they were there to allow their bodies to adapt. I want everyone who has the heart to make it through Indoc to also have the knowledge, skills, and strength to make it as well. If you are able to be more prepared for the biggest and toughest job interview of your life why wouldn't you want to? The things you learn from the programs will not only help you, but I expect everyone who goes through my programs to help others who are struggling at Indoc and give them the knowledge they need to succeed. My goal is to help you become a Battlefield Airman and to go save lives. If you are reading this then that is probably your goal as well, workout program or not I will do whatever I can to help those with the heart, make it through and don the maroon beret.