BE A PJ Ambassadors


Welcome to the How to be a PJ Blog!  It has been almost 6 months since I launched How to be a PJ™, and I am seriously honored by the feedback I have gotten.  I wake up every day and get to help my clients on their path to reaching their ultimate dream job!  Not only that, I really only expected a response from PJ candidates, but I’m now lucky enough to be helping SOF candidates through my targeted workout programs from many other career fields (CCT/TACP/SERE/SOWT), all over the world. What a humbling position to be in!

The impact I want to make, the legacy I want to leave behind when it’s all over… is that I helped people.  Saving lives and helping others achieve their dreams motivates me to improve myself in every possible way.  This is the reason I am starting this blog.  I get emails/DMs/messages on basically every social media platform looking for guidance, mentorship, and answers to very specific questions… and I do my best to answer every single one.   Although I provide consultations for a fee, do live videos on Instagram, and post all my interviews on Youtube... I am now going to provide more FREE resources for you to digest. 

On this platform, I will share my stories of failures and successes in order for you to grow from.  I plan to go in depth with questions I am frequently messaged about.  I will also invite guest bloggers on this platform that can give you the info you need to succeed… PJs, CROs, Recruiters, etc.  So leave a comment if there’s anything specific you would like me to address in future blogs.

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Last but not least, this blog is another way for me to communicate big changes in my business, like the HOW TO BE A PJ AMBASSADOR Program!  This is an opportunity for my clients to crush their workouts, graduate Indoc, and join me in helping others reach their goals.  My ambassador program offers commissions on referrals for all workout purchases, starting at 25%, and of course a discount for clients.  All you have to do is 1 or both of my workout programs, get through Indoc or your careerfield selection (CCT/TACP/SOWT), and submit an application.  (Applications forthcoming)

How much more motivation do you need to BE A PJ??? 

Drop your questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions for future blog posts in the comments.