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I want to go CRO/STO. I’m 4 reps short for sit ups and pushups and my swimming needs to improve. If I barely pass the officer PAST would I have a realistic chance of getting selected for OCS?

I wouldn’t recommend going to selection with numbers that are barely passing, because there will be others there that are absolute machines. Go in as prepared as possible. You are expected to lead, and to exemplify the standards so you can help the team. It is not extremely difficult if you go enlisted first and then go officer, but I would recommend going for the job you want now whether it be CRO or PJ.

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Do CROs go through the same exact trainings as PJs?

No, they are not paramedic certified. Also a PJ you are expected to be proficient in many aspects, such as extrication, ropes, and over all Technical Rescue Specialist. CROs are not necessarily expected to know every detail like a PJ should, they should just be aware enough to recognized safe and unsafe conditions. A CROs main focus is the up and out aspect.

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For someone who wishes to be in a combat role under the special operations command, is the CRO pipeline unrealistic?

If you go the CRO route expect to deploy 2-3 times with a team, then deploy as a commander and stay in the JOC to control and advocate. You will definitely get lots of leadership experience but their main role is not to be in the shit. It happens, but not often. Honestly, in my experience, officers in general don't see the front lines of battle. If you want to see combat, go for the rangers… they see a lot. If you want to save lives and occasionally see combat, be a PJ.

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