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I am thinking about joining the National Guard so I can get some experience, stay in shape and finish my schooling. Then go PJ. Which MOS should I choose?

I would really recommend not going in the Army in general and just go straight in for PJ if that is what you ultimately want to do. The reason I say this is because there really is not a career field you can go into that is going to make you more prepared, PJs need to be good at all of that stuff including the medical and "ground pounder" aspects of the job. Additionally, you can still attend classes or just do online classes while you are in the Air Force. The biggest advantage you will gain from being in the Army is an appreciation for the Air Force to be honest.   

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For the workouts, is it all supposed to be accomplished all at once in the same setting, or is it okay to break it up?

You can break it up if you need to.  That's not a big deal, just make sure you get it all in. I have many clients who work full time or work 18 hours a day, or 24hr shifts and they break up their workouts too. You have to find a way to make it work with your schedule.

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I’ve realized that I can do something for an extended time and not quit but it just might take me forever.  But when it comes to timed things I almost break. Any inputs?

The biggest thing to remember is that you are not working under the circumstances that you will when you get to selection. You don't have the pressure when you are out at the gym by yourself. If you are finishing the workouts then you are way ahead of your peers, I guarantee it. This is where I cannot completely replicate the feeling of being at selection for you. Keep it up and finish the workouts and you will be just fine. If you can find a workout partner, healthy competition will keep you on your toes as well.

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What should my training for the week leading up to the PAST test look like?

Keep on working out until 3 days out. On the 3rd day out you should do 75 percent of what your workout is, on the 2nd day 50 percent and the day before you should really just stretch and practice form in the mirror. Obviously, make sure you are hydrating with electrolytes as much as you can and take some amino acids to make sure you don’t cramp on test day. Lastly, make sure you are stretching and foam rolling every day and wake up with enough time to eat a full breakfast 1 hr before your test.

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I work 24 hours on, 48 hours off, there’s no access to a pool and only limited running opportunity, no treadmill, just some free weights and a barbell. Is it doable?

The biggest thing you will need is a pull-up bar of some sort to use at your station. Most of the workouts can be done with limited equipment. Also with the pool situation, I would recommend just doing the swim right before your shift and again after your shift, and a land workout in the middle of your shift. As long as you space it out like that and do all the reps/miles you will be good to go!

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With harassment, dirty breaths, water down your throat through your nose any advice on how to avoid getting an infection in your lungs?

The only thing you can do to avoid infection is to eat properly, and maybe supplement vitamin c to boost your immunity. Technique wise I always recommend placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth to act as a kind of splashguard when you are breathing through the snorkel on buddy breathing.

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I got posterior shin splints.  I’m working on fixing them with rest and some rehab exercises. Any suggestions?

The biggest thing that helped me get over shin splints when I used to get them was using a roller and anytime I was sitting on the couch I would do the alphabet with my toes. Bottom line is you are going to have to stay off of them for a little bit before you jump back into all this.

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How does the new A & S look? Is it 4 weeks? And are there phases in those 4 weeks or just a huge kick in the balls the entire time?

It is still currently 4 weeks but you can expect that it will be a kick in the balls the entire time. I say that because when you do actually get a break, you wont get as much of a break as you might feel like you want… it will be just as much as you need.

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My question has to do with the pipeline, and living with your family. It would be ten months of training before they get moved along with me?

It wouldn't be exactly 10 months but you will have to go through:

6wks of BMT

8 wks of SW prep

4 wks A&S

4 wks Predive

6 wks of Dive school

Then you are able to PCS to Kirtland NM where your family can move in with you. For more info about family in the pipeline/operational see my youtube video here.

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How should I start my training so it's not too hard on my body?

No matter what you do, it will be hard on your body, but there are things you can do to make yourself more resilient. First off, I would start a phased workout plan that involves different focuses over time. So I would start with running then go to swimming, then Cals, then rucking, and so on. Increase the weight you are able to carry and make your body used to it in order to reduce injury chances later on.

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