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I am thinking about joining the National Guard so I can get some experience, stay in shape and finish my schooling. Then go PJ. Which MOS should I choose?

I would really recommend not going in the Army in general and just go straight in for PJ if that is what you ultimately want to do. The reason I say this is because there really is not a career field you can go into that is going to make you more prepared, PJs need to be good at all of that stuff including the medical and "ground pounder" aspects of the job. Additionally, you can still attend classes or just do online classes while you are in the Air Force. The biggest advantage you will gain from being in the Army is an appreciation for the Air Force to be honest.   

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My recruiter wants me to sign a contact that’s under open contract for special operations but I want a contract for PJ. I’m worried that they will put me wherever after selection.

I would recommend going for the PJ contract if they are actually going to be able to get that for you. One of the new things they are doing is sending guys in for open special operations. I would also check on if they have a bonus right now for the job, and if there is then you should make sure it is on your contract before you sign. Bottom line is that you are in control and don't feel pressured to make any decisions you don't know enough about.

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I'm going into development under recruiter and his ex-CCT operator. I'm not sure if I should invest in one of your programs because I'm not sure what to expect in development?

I would recommend talking to your recruiter and asking how involved and how often he will have PT sessions with you, or if he will provide any workout plans. If you don't feel like those workouts are challenging you enough, or aren't frequent enough, then do some of my programs. You should be aiming to be at the old Indoc Grad standards level of fitness, so let those criteria be your guide.

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