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I got accepted to OTS for the pilot program, but I feel like being a PJ is what I’m passionate about. I just don’t know what the right decision is, any advice?

That is definitely a tough situation, one factor to consider is that you can be a PJ then a pilot but not the other way around. Overall, I would say to do what you are most interested in, watch videos and read books about them. Then when you decide, go all in.

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Was wondering if you have any advice for a staff or tech entering indoc. What areas can I realistically improve on where an airman might not be held to as high of a standard?

As an NCO we would expect you to act in your leadership capacity as outlined in the little brown book. You should have solid leadership skills so you can help Airmen learn, and take care of them. We also expect you to hold the team accountable and lead with integrity. As far as physical standards, it is hopeful that our NCO can lead by example.

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