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What was the hardest thing you did in the pipeline?

Indoc was really draining physically, and watching people I got to know really well quit was hard. Sadly it was such a huge accomplishment also. People who were way physically stronger than myself quit. Mentally the most difficult part of the pipeline after Indoc was Paramedic, it was like drinking from a fire hose, but also rewarding because medicine is the foundation of a PJ and I knew I would be learning how to make people survive otherwise unsurvivable wounds.

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My question has to do with the pipeline, and living with your family. It would be ten months of training before they get moved along with me?

It wouldn't be exactly 10 months but you will have to go through:

6wks of BMT

8 wks of SW prep

4 wks A&S

4 wks Predive

6 wks of Dive school

Then you are able to PCS to Kirtland NM where your family can move in with you. For more info about family in the pipeline/operational see my youtube video here.

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A friend who is in the Air Force told me it normally takes 5 years from the time a guy enlists to the time he is a functional and operational PJ. Is that true?

Nope, from the time you get to basic to the time you are operational is about 2.5 years. Which is when you get to your first unit and complete your mission qual training. There are lots of people who have deployed within months of getting to their first duty station.

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