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How does the new A & S look? Is it 4 weeks? And are there phases in those 4 weeks or just a huge kick in the balls the entire time?

It is still currently 4 weeks but you can expect that it will be a kick in the balls the entire time. I say that because when you do actually get a break, you wont get as much of a break as you might feel like you want… it will be just as much as you need.

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Do you think a female can get selected at A&S?

Definitely. I believe females have the capacity to make it through and graduate the pipeline. The most difficult part will be the social aspect and integrating them into a place where they will have to prove themselves over and over again. Once the team trusts her I think there will be absolutely no problems. This is not a female only thing though, every new PJ has to earn the trust and respect of their teammates. 

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