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I was wondering if you had any advice or exercises to help my sit-ups?

The most easily correctable things I see guys do is

1) hips are too close to your heels

2) doing negatives on the way down.

That will give you a few more, but overall I would recommend just varying your training if you can. When you are doing ab exercises look up some ab exercises you have never done before and just do a 10 min session of whatever that exercise is and you will see a difference.

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Any suggestions on how to train myself to do pull-ups?

Yes, first thing is work on form so make sure when you are in the hang position that your scapulas are set and flexed, your grip should be high up on the bar so you are not just using your fingers. First work on your volume, then refine your form. If you can’t do more than 5 pull-ups then I would also recommend using a resistance band by wrapping it around the bar and placing your foot in the band

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If someone can pass your 'get selected' program, how much would you say it increases ones chances of success?

Physically it will absolutely put you ahead of the game, and it exposes you to the techniques and standards that you will experience in the water. If you finish the program to a "T" then you will not have to worry about the physical portion just focus on the team and the mental portion at selection.

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I’ve been struggling with the egg beater tread, are there any good tips or progressions I that should do?

It is difficult and sometimes frustrating, however you can practice on the land laying on your back, then move into the water and hold the wall, then move off the wall and use some type of floaty to hold you up, then ditch the floaty. Also if this doesn’t work and you cannot get it down, you can grind through using a giant stride/flutter kick variation.

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I got accepted to OTS for the pilot program, but I feel like being a PJ is what I’m passionate about. I just don’t know what the right decision is, any advice?

That is definitely a tough situation, one factor to consider is that you can be a PJ then a pilot but not the other way around. Overall, I would say to do what you are most interested in, watch videos and read books about them. Then when you decide, go all in.

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I need to get better at treading water. Any tips or suggestions?

It's all about flexibility and coordination. Look up some hip flexor and leg stretches and do them religiously. Then watch some YouTube videos on the eggbeater technique and practice on dry land, just laying on your back , then practice in the water while holding the wall… then progress to timed sets in the water.

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