Am I missing anything of significance by not being part of your VIP group?

The facebook group is definitely a great resource.  Some weeks are more active than others, but typically people go into the group to try and find training partners in their area or give each other advice about what helps them individually improve on certain exercises or workouts.  Sometimes they have info from their friends that are going through selection, or new info from recruiters... it all kind of just depends. You should be able to accomplish the workouts on your own, but if you ever need outside input or have questions about the whole process of becoming a PJ, it's a good place to hear other people's perspectives.  Not everyone in that group will go on to make it as a PJ, but you can safely say that there are definitely people on there you could potentially be working with in the future. So if you ever want to make a profile and check in from time to time, that's fine too.