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My son quit selection. What job field would you feel would be best to try to reclassify so he can come back and try Selection again?

As for him quitting, he will most likely have another chance if he were to reclassify and come back in a couple years. From my experience as an instructor, the younger candidates are more prone to making impulsive decisions and I have seen it time and time again when the student will have a moment of weakness. I always tell the students who quit that it does not define the person you are if you don’t let it. Take the time you need to get over it, then learn from it and get back on the horse. If he has the option I would recommend him to try out for SERE then go back to PJ when he is ready.

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I am a female trying to get into SERE. Do you have any workout programs geared toward this job?

The criteria for the PAST (Pushups, pullups, situps, and a run) is very similar to the other Special Warfare fields as far as cals go. You can look at that criteria here. My the Pass the PAST program has swimming included, which I would recommend to anyone anyway as an alternative cardio exercise in between run days in order to lessen the impact of running on your legs and prevent shin splints. The only thing the PAST program does not include is rucking which is huge in SERE. So if you can already pass the PAST and would like a bigger challenge you could go for the Get Selected program.

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