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I have a long way to go with my swimming techniques, should I keep going with the program even though I'm not able to complete the swimming portion of the workouts?

Absolutely, if swimming is your weak area then you should definitely work on it more. My private facebook group for clients is a really great resource for help too. There is a lot of great swimming advice on there. You could read the book Total Immersion or even hire a swim coach. It's just important to try and get all the distances in. I would even recommend if the swimming is what you struggle with that you spend even more time in the pool and gaining that confidence, water is a crucial part of being a PJ.

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I need to get better at treading water. Any tips or suggestions?

It's all about flexibility and coordination. Look up some hip flexor and leg stretches and do them religiously. Then watch some YouTube videos on the eggbeater technique and practice on dry land, just laying on your back , then practice in the water while holding the wall… then progress to timed sets in the water.

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