Advice on how to prepare for Selection? What should I do now to set myself up for success later?

In the business of saving lives no one in the world can compare to a PJ. A corpsman and a combat medic also save lives but aren’t involved in such a way as a PJ. In order to graduate you need to be 100% dedicated to it, there is no half assing. In order to prepare there are a couple things I would recommend. First, challenge yourself, find a group of people who are going to go hike up a mountain or swim in the ocean whatever it is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. It is also important to train with like minded people who will push you to be better. Check out my Cone Connect page to see if there are any like minded people near you to train with. Next of course I have to recommend checking out my website/youtube channel and Workout programs, I am dedicated to ensuring people who have a true desire to be a PJ realize their goals and have put my knowledge as the lead instructor of Indoc into these workouts.