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I wear contacts and the spec ops recruiter told me that contacts are okay during the pipeline and I shouldn't worry. True?

There are lots of guys who went through with contacts. The instructors don't mandate whether you do or don't wear contacts in the pool but it doesn't really work well if you don't use daily contacts anyway. I would recommend practicing swimming without contacts if possible.

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I just wanted to know if your workout program will include underwater swimming and how far should I be swimming underwater?

Currently I have two programs, one for those who can pass the PAST and one for those who need to start out a little slower. If you can pass the PAST, my GET SELECTED program has underwaters and other watercon.

If you need help passing the PAST, choose this program.

If you are a little more advanced and you can pass the PAST, choose this program.

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I was wondering what would be the best way to practice ten ups?

The best way to practice is to do them. You can do some pushups on the side of the pool till you get tired, then  dive in, do you under water and do the same thing try to monitor you interval and see how you do. I wouldn't do anything less than a 1 min interval. DO NOT DO THIS ALONE. Only practice these types of events with a buddy/lifeguard who is actively watching you and prepared to get you out and perform CPR.

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